How To Straighten Hair Naturally

Natural hair care surely will make hair healthier, not the contrary. Some natural ingredients that you can use to straighten hair naturally is bananas, papaya, and also honey. All three of these natural ingredients are ready to help straighten the hair as long as you want to do it on a regular basis.
How to make: Puree bananas and papaya, until completely smooth and combine with 2 tsp honey. After mixing it up with the averages, you can rub it all over the hair, wait until dry and you can wash up to clean.

Coconut milk and lime juice is not only can you use to make foods and drinks only. Both of these natural ingredients are popular with millions of these properties could also magic as a natural remedy you straighten your hair. So, if you really want to prove it, how to naturally straighten hair with coconut milk and lime juice, prepare one cup of coconut milk and 1 cup lemon juice, mix both ingredients and put in refrigerator or freezer until later formed into the cream. Use the cream for hair mask, cover with a warm towel, wait an hour and rinse hair until clean.

Many people use the leaves of celery to boost the food or use it for sweetening food when served. It turns out, the leaves have a delicious smell can also be used for hair care easy and cheap if you want hair that is straight. How to straighten hair naturally with the celery, celery puree and mix with water. Enter the container and let sit overnight. In the morning, apply on the hair evenly and do not forget to join with a massage on the head. Let sit a few moments and you can rinse hair until clean. It would be nice if you wash it first before trying these hair care.

Can you use olive oil to straighten hair naturally. How to straighten hair naturally starts with heats of olive oil first. After that, apply the oil that has been heated evenly throughout the hair. Don't forget to give a massage to the hair and scalp. Comb the hair through well-groomed and cover with a towel. Let sit for an hour and you can rinse hair until clean.

Milk is not merely a healthy drink. Milk is also not just a natural ingredient that can be used to beautify the skin of the body, but you can also use the milk to get the straight hair. The trick is pretty easy, you can prepare one cup of milk and half a glass of water. Combine these two ingredients, put in a bottle and spray on the hair until evenly distributed. Let stand the hair so that the milk can seep into the hair well. After that, if the hair is dry, you can rinse until clean. Hopefully the information on how to naturally straighten hair on top of the benefit to the readers.