The natural way to treat swollen gums

Swollen gums is one indication that you will experience a toothache, even in certain cases, swollen gums is one of the early symptoms of oral cancer are quite deadly. One cause of this disease is lack of vitamin intake, allergic reactions, side effects from taking the drugs, or gum infection by the bacterium Streptococcus mutans. There are several ways to treat this disease ...


Natural ways to treat diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes do not need to worry, the cure is papaya half cooked (the meat is yellow). The trick, half-ripe papaya was cut on the head, about a third of the length of papaya. After that enter the hot tea without sugar water into the hole papaya fruit was then closed again. Furthermore put papaya on the home page for one night.
The next morning tea Pour water into the glass in the papaya (using a sieve). And drunk. Do the same way for three days. Diabetes you will be completely cured.


How to cure athlete's foot

Fingers or toes are exposed to water fleas washed with soap in the shower and wipe dry, then give eucalyptus oil then sprinkle coffee powder. Do it repeatedly until bedtime water fleas recovered.
In addition to using the above, you can also eliminate water fleas by using garlic or betel leaf. Take the garlic, then slice and apply on the affected hand or foot of water fleas, can be done several times until the water bug disappeared. In addition to treating athlete's foot, garlic can also be used to treat toothache.


How to overcome bad breath odor

Take the starch water, or boiled water as much as one cup of rice, mixed with a little brown sugar (brown sugar), drink while still warm. Hose half an hour later, drink water as much as 2 cups. Do things like this regularly every morning and evening. If you regularly do, undoubtedly bad breath odor will disappear. Good luck.


How to treat rheumatic diseases naturally

Take 5 stalks of cassava leaves, and give a little whiting and mash until smooth.
Stick it on the sore part of the body due to rheumatism. Repeat morning and evening until cured rheumatism, good luck.


How to treat high blood pressure

Take a medium sweet starfruit 3 pieces, wash, remove fins and seeds, cut into pieces, blender, strain the water strainer to get as much of the glass. Drink filtered water that star fruit regularly morning and evening for one week.

Natural ways to treat toothache

By using Clove
Clove has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anesthesia which can help to treat toothache.
The way of treatment is to shed a bit of clove oil on cotton, then directly paste on the aching tooth.
You can also mix a few drops of clove oil into a glass of water and use it to rinse

By using Garlic
Garlic can treat toothache because it has antibiotic properties that are very effective to relieve toothache quickly.
Method of treatment by mashing the garlic cloves, add a little salt, then rub the herbs directly on the sore tooth.
Repeat this treatment for several days.