How to Deal With Oily Skin

How to deal with oily skin that you can do is diligently maintain the cleanliness of your face. One of them is to wash your face. You should wash your face diligently despite using just water alone. If necessary you can use SOAP or facial foam, SOAP and water is believed to be able to reduce the production of excess oil on your face. However you should not overuse of facial foam wash in advance. If necessary, you can limit the use of the facial foam. For example only 2 x a day, it is intended to keep the skin moist.

How to cope with not only the oily skin face wash, but you can also control oil production in the face of white water by consuming enough. By consuming 2 liters of water per day, the body will work fine. Then the body will reduce oil production with the production of sweat that does not contain too much sweat. You can also combine the way from outside by wipe water mixed with a little salt. Use a towel in the wash your face. By using warm water skin pores will open and the dirt on the face will also be raised.

You can also use natural materials as a way of coping with oily skin on the face. These natural ingredients are tomato, cucumber or potatoes. Moisture content and vitamin on the third such materials believed to reduce the production of oil on the face. You just need to cut the fruit section. Then sweep pieces of fruit on the face before going to bed, let it dry out until the next day. After morning wash your face using a towel and warm water, then wash your face using cold water to close the pores are open because of the warm water.

How to overcome the next oily skin is to use celery leaves. The easy way is stewed with celery leaves as many as two glasses of water. Celery leaves inserted into the Pan when the water is already boiling. Braised celery leaves for 15-20 minutes. Lift up the celery leaves and wait for it to cool. Use celery leaves that have been boiled for the mask on your face. After soaking, rinse your face with cold water. That's some tips eliminate the excess oil on your face. Certainly more safe and not at risk of chemicals, may be useful.